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Income Tax Document Delivery

Many companies have a lot of preparation to do before tax deadlines. Tax time is a very busy time of year.  IRS forms, interest statements, receipts and an abundance of other documents must be delivered to appropriate parties before the deadline. These documents are very important and highly confidential, so you shouldn’t trust just anyone to make sure they arrive in the right hands at the right time.  Many busy tax departments and individuals alike have found that relying on a local courier service at this time of year can provide reliable delivery, right when it’s needed most.

ABC Messenger & Transport, Inc. offers messenger and courier delivery service everywhere you want, relieving the stress of getting your tax documents delivered on time to wherever they need to go. Whether you are a company in need of getting W-2 forms to employees, an individual taxpayer who needs to get documents to their accountant or a tax preparer hurrying to get completed returns back to a taxpayer so they can be filed on time, ABC Messenger can be a saving grace.


Construction, Engineering, Architecture & Blueprint Company Delivery in NYC

ABC Messenger provides courier and delivery services for construction, engineering, architecture, and blueprint companies.  Their experienced couriers and delivery personnel can transport anything needed for your construction-related business, whether large or small – and they can deliver across town or across state lines.

ABC Messenger & Transport also offers construction delivery services. Their fleet of vehicles can handle a wide variety of construction deliveries and can meet the needs of architects, planners, blueprint companies, engineers, builders, developers, contractors and full-service construction companies.


Below are some of what ABC Messenger can transport to meet the needs of your company, project or job site:

  • Documents/letters/contracts
  • Blueprints/plans
  • 3D model makers/large scanners
  • Construction equipment 
  • Construction materials
  • Residential and commercial construction supplies 


As an experienced courier to the financial industry ABC Messenger knows the importance of providing reliable and fast couriers to the many financial institutions that they service and who trust them with their valuable documents. These include checks which still must be retained in most cases for 7 years. 

Legal Service Deliveries

Your organization's ability to secure your valuable documents is critical to your success as a legal professional. ABC Messenger is committed to provide their clients with prompt and professional legal service deliveries. Their longstanding record of reliability will give you that secure feeling that your sensitive documents will arrive safely and on time.  The mission of ABC Messenger is to help law firms deliver their legal documents promptly and efficiently. ABC provides regular transit updates so their legal firm customers have real time information regarding the transport of their documents. Your court filings, closing documents or office files will be picked up and delivered on a timely basis.




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